Our work with artists

The Australian actor F. M. Alexander (1869 - 1955) discovered that he disturbed the natural process of breathing and use of his voice through self-induced tensions and that these were the root cause of his vocal problems.


He discovered that the tensions, while giving his one man recitals of Shakespeare texts, were unconscious negative postural habits. He developed a way of changing these patterns permanently through a new and improved "use of the self."


This tremendous discovery awoke in Nadia and Ron the realization that many possibilities are already available in artists. The problems which they encounter have nothing to do with lack of talent but arise through interferences which the artist themselves can dispel.


Our work is imbued with experience, respect, patience and friendliness. This way of teaching creates the space and trust which an artist needs in order to develop his own ability to communicate, as well as experience an openness and joy in playing.  This is very helpful to the learning process and the individual creative process of an artist.


In this way students learn to take responsibility for the alignment of their physical, mental and emotional selves. A deep inner development can be realized which significantly changes the quality of the presence and expression of the human being.


We have worked together for 30 years to allow the full authenticity of the artistic expression of our students to unfold. Our goal is to help our students to learn a new conscious use of themselves while singing, acting and dancing.


We have been performers as well as teachers of the Alexander Technique on an international level for many years. Our extensive life experience combine, in our teaching, to bring a psycho-physical awareness to the artistic process.


We work with private pupils as well as give regular workshops with small numbers of participants. Our workshops are open for all musicians, performers, teachers and pupils of the Alexander Technique as well as anyone who longs to sing and dance.


“An artist is not a special kind of person but everyone is a special kind of artist.”

A. K. Coomaraswamy

Photo: © Robert van Sluis - www.robertvansluis.com